Our goal is to help you have a successful show and a positive experience with our company.

                                                                       PRE-SHOW PROMOTION:  

*Identify the audience you want to reach, and then develop a focused and creative approach to attract them to your exhibit. One very effective method is an invitation. An invitation can be in many forms such as direct mailers, telemarketing, and in-store flyers to let customers know that you will be exhibiting in the show, and let them know about "show specials"

YOUR EXHIBIT: All exhibits should be inviting and professional.
         *Keep exhibits free of clutter
         *No food, drink, or garbage in your exhibit
         *No handwritten signs
DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Take cue from your customers.
         *Dress the same or slightly better so that you won't appear intimidating.
         *Create a uniform look for your staff so that your staff can act as a network of moving advertisements.
WORKING THE SHOW: Be approachable.
         *Have knowledgeable staff on hand at all times to answer questions.
         *Don't talk on the phone while staffing the exhibit- some customers are not comfortable interrupting.
         *Be on your toes; be enthusiastic; avoid giving the impression that you do not want to be approached.
         *Qualify your prospective customers- freely handing out literature is expensive and can be annoying.
SHOW IDEAS: Be active & visual to draw attention to your exhibit.
         *Conduct a prize drawing to qualify new prospects.
         *Do a demonstration showing your product/ service if applicable.
         *Offer show specials or discounts for a specified time period after the show to solidify leads and sales.
POST SHOW FOLLOW UP: Don't let show leads go cold.
         *Contact all customers that stopped by your exhibit promptly.
         *Create a mailing list from the results of the show and use it- turn these leads into sales!


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